A couple things, I refuse to bullet point because that’s obnoxious. A pay wall is when publications charge a membership fee to read certain stories. I used to submit to The Weekly Knob here on Medium. I loved the idea of having a weekly one word writing prompt, but unfortunately they went membership, aka, pay wall. That, I greatly dislike. In order to read “the best stories,” you would have to pay a small monthly fee. They wanted their writers to agree to the reader membership in their new guidelines. I stopped submitting to them.

The same with the Writing Cooperative. I follow their publication, sometimes you can read the entire article and sometimes you get to the end of the opening paragraph and it cuts off and says you need to be a paid member to finish reading. Join now! Yeah, no.

I’m a top writer in Inspiration, Mental Health, Life, This Happened to Me, Creativity, Books, Writing, Travel, Social Media, Relationships and Journalism. I believe it has to do with the tags you use and the amount of views your stories have with those tags. Honestly, when I write on Medium I’m basically just winging it.

My intentions were never top anything or a slew of followers. My intentions were simply to share my stories and get in the habit of writing every day to improve my skill.

I have read that a story makes it to the homepage by the amount of recommends and/ or views it gets within a specific time frame or something like that, but I’m not sure if that’s true. I’ve also read that “following these nine simple steps will turn you into God.” I’m not sure if that’s true either. Though, I highly doubt they have people reading a zillion stories a day and selecting themselves, and even Hercules was only a Demigod.

I miss the Fiction and Poetry tabs. I appreciated that after having a shitty day I could curl up in bed, open Medium and be swept off on a journey far away from my every day problems.

I’m not sorry this is long winded. I enjoy the dialog with you.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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