A few things I got from your response that I’d like to address.

I’m unclear if you’re speaking to me directly about “honesty in the debate,” or as a generalized statement. I too would prefer honesty in the debate because I am exhausted with the crap the media and government feed us and the misinformed and uneducated people who spread it around.

I cited credible, not news related sources. I do not feel confident the Washington Post or any news outlet nowadays is credible. As with everything else not proactive in America, the news is reactive.

I believe as a nation there is a significant percentage that would agree with me on this. I do not have valid or bogus statistics for this. It’s merely my opinion.

I have a difficult time with your argument of school shootings only equating to during school hours. No shooting of any type, anywhere at anytime is acceptable or justifiable- to include a man shooting himself in his car in the parking lot of a closed school. This is not okay. This is so not okay.

Thanks for reading.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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