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The University of Iowa’s Writing Program, the most prestigious writing program in the country opened enrollment this week for their FREE summer MOOC (massive open online course). The course takes place from July 15- September 15. It’s not a heavy workload and totally worth every minute invested. #Iowa

You can sign up here ⬇️

Inspirations for this week:

  1. Blackout Poetry

2. Favorite quote of the week, Shirley Lee 🍟

“Want food? Go farm, scavenge, hunt. Want to be a writer? Write words and put them together. Want to make music? Sing and record on your phone. Want to be rich? Work and save. Don’t just wait.”

3. Two weeks ago I shaved my head and this week I mailed my hair off to Locks of Love. The idea we can make small contributions that will have a significant impact is inspiring in itself.

4. There’s a plethora of inspirations in my backyard. Vibrant elegance and hidden gems, gifts from Mother Nature. I’m on a hunt to find them.

5. Josh Spector’s For The Interested newsletter. It’s the rabbit hole of creative tools and resources you’ll want to go down.

6. Murcia’

7. For myself, as someone who struggles with depression and agoraphobia I’ve learned to adjust my lifestyle accordingly. There are times when my home environment tugs at my nerves, leaves me feeling frustrated and desperate to escape. That’s when I go behind a closed door and take a quick virtual vacation.

This week I traveled to Spain and when I returned I felt invigorated, refreshed and inspired to get right back to the project I was working on before I left.

8. The writing tip of the week.

To write with humor start documenting what it is that makes you laugh. Use this documentation you learned about yourself to add a touch of your own humor to your stories.

9. My own story, Solving the Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe focused on do it yourself education. I believe it’s up to us to make shit happen and in order to do so we need to constantly strive to educate ourselves far past our school age years.

“Books are a part of history. They’re filled with stories we can’t change, words we can’t erase and it’s left to the reader to use critical thinking skills and gain perspective.

At the same time media is changing rapidly and the digital age is the form of education we often turn to in order to keep up with providing us with new and current information at all times.”

10. I posted an ad in my local town Facebook group asking for residents to collaborate with me on a photo project. The project itself won’t be completed for a few more weeks. I’m grateful and inspired by the people who responded to the ad ready and willing to assist me even though they don’t know me. Kindness is still out there in the world, even when we feel like it’s not.

Life is hard, we face daily challenges, time constraints, career demands and everything else in between. Utilizing a creative outlet empowers us to handle our struggles in a healthy manner. Click on the link to gain access to do just that.

All photo and artwork credit, Erika Sauter. ©️ 2018, Erika Sauter. All Rights Reserved.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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