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According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) the world population as of April 2018 is 7.6 billion people. Whoa. Shit, that’s a lot of people. How are creatives supposed to stand out or get ahead in a crowd that size? It feels defeating, but don’t sweat it. Follow these five super simple steps and you can’t go wrong.

First, create shit. Do cool stuff, make messes. Be curious and explore those curiosities. In order to ensure your success you’re going to have to experience an absurd amount of trial and error before you figure out what works best for you, not too mention you’ll most likely discover a great deal of awesome throughout the process.

Create whatever you want and not what you think others want to see. Forget about saving time, being productive, using cheat sheets or following life hacks. Do you really want to hack passion? Get messy, get typing cramp, learn from what you feel sucked.

Get excited, get frustrated, feel exhausted, feel energized. Worship your successes and failures.

Second, share your work everywhere, all over the place, make it scream to the world, Hello world! Notice Me! There are endless (for real tho, Google it) free online hosting sites and platforms where you can share your work, any and all kinds of creative work. Share so much and so often people have no choice but to notice you.

Here are a few:

And of course your every day social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Medium.

Third, with 7.6 billion people on the planet there will be people who don’t like your stuff. They’ll refer to your artwork as ugly, your writing as shit and your music as headache inducing noise (these are based off possible scenarios given there are a lot of assholes in the world there are most likely tons more).

There are those who will not be won over. I mean, it’s basic math, crunch the numbers. It’s like those one out of ten ratios or some shit you’re always hearing about. It’s no different than the universal law that you can’t make everyone happy because you can’t. It’s not possible. Don’t even try, but do treat your haters with grace.

Realistically, there will be a shitload of people who do enjoy it (calculations are based from the same type math). Let’s call these people your fans. Treat your fans as if they’re gods, because they are.

Be confident, bold and proud.

Fourth, network, collaborate and educate yourself. There’s a lot to be said about community. Join an online writing group or start one in person at your local public library or coffee shop (I’m partial to the library but also a huge fan of coffee).

Sign up for classes at Creativelive. They have online classes covering every aspect of art known to man from writing, art and music to graphic design, branding and photography.

Did you know Craigslist has a community arts section? (Disclaimer* depending on where you live Craigslist may or may not be sketchy).

Get cozy with your local art and music scene.

We learn and thrive off one another. These types of interactions are huge for creatives.

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Fifth, repeat steps one through four as often and as much as you want to and love every fucking minute of it throughout the process.

Now, get moving.

Bonus step, click bait titles such as this one (are cruel and wrong) but they help.

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Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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