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Creative Inspiration, Ideas and Tips (Issue #3)

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Last week’s edition of All Things Creative.

Here’s this week’s collection:

  1. Writing Tip

When writing personal narrative some of our best stories come from our darkest moments, through depths of vulnerability. Our own memories can trigger connection within our readers. These are the stories that inspire.

2. 28 Days to Make

I spent the month of June participating in the FREE 28 Days to Make online course through Creativelive. This course consists of a 2–3 minute video each day focused on art but the one thing I felt I got the most out of the lessons was the power of observation which is necessary in every creative project we take on.

3. Nate Miller’s YouTube Channel, Nate Does Art.

Nate is a creative, artist and writer who is an out of the box thinker, funny and entertaining. In his Nate Does Art videos he teaches different aspects and forms of art while keeping the dialog engaging and educational.

He’s on a mission right now to get up to 100 subscribers to his YouTube channel.

If you haven’t watched his videos yet I suggest you do, and if you’re limited on time I highly recommend watching at least one video. At one minute- 41 seconds, my personal favorite is Rap-a-lapse where Nate raps an original he wrote while drawing a sketch. His energy and effort is contagious AF. For real, tho.

4. K. Kris Loomis 📚.

Back in April I fractured the metatarsals and broke the cuboid bone of my foot. There’s been many weeks of sitting on my ass. I’m normally active as exercise has been my fiercest warrior in my battle against depression. It’s been rough.

I needed to find low impact outlets for my body and mind and that’s exactly what I found in Kris’s books, How to Sneak More Yoga Into Your Life: A Doable Yoga Plan for Busy People and How to Sneak More Meditation Into Your Life: A Doable Meditation Plan for Busy People.

I’ve learned from personal experience that these exercises are intended for every day life. At times when I needed to move my body or calm my mind her books inspire me to do so.

5. Kodachrome

The Netflix original movie, Kodachrome is based off a 2010 article written in the New York Times by A. G. Sulzberger.

How incredibly creative of Johnathan Tropper, the writer of the movie to transform an idea from an 800 word article into an hour and 45 minute movie.

6. HitRecord

I love this website for a few reasons. It thrives off of every type of creativity imaginable. It’s a great space to share your work and have it be seen. It’s 100% collaborative and allows creatives to “remix” or add on to the work of others. If you have an account feel free to follow me. My user name is super original. Erika Sauter. Yeah.

7. Ted-Ed videos

Because where else can you learn valuable information in under five minutes and in animation?

8. Pineapple.

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Pine Apple.

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9. The Winery

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As a side hustle to earn cash to afford to continue my creative endeavors (#starvingartistsyndromeisreal) I got a part time job at the local winery just outside of town, hiding within the cornfields. At first I was disappointed to go this route, not only because I’m not making enough money from my writing and art but because it’s going to take time away from my writing and art.

After thinking it through however, I’ve decided it could be a good thing for me as it’s something that will force my agoraphobic ass out of the house and out into the community (#Xanax). The scenery is beautiful and the environment is enjoyable. I’ll be keeping my writer’s eyes wide open for personal essay ideas.

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10. Lit Hub Daily

Literature + History = Awesome

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This week in stories:

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