First, I love the title. It’s exactly what i needed to read as I’m feeling a bit down today.

Also, the cat is a Tortoiseshell just like my Lu and Nico! They are a beautiful breed and quite loyal.

I’m sorry about your car but it is a fantastic opportunity to walk and see the world. I used to love to ride my bike and take the train when we lived in the city. There’s no public transportation here and mostly steep hills. I’m rather certain I would die if I rode my bike here. Again, I am envious.

This is a great story with wonderful detail. I felt as if I were right there wish you and I wish I were.

P. S. I’m fairly certain that’s a spider web most likely created by a giant ass spider, yuck, but it’s thickness makes me think the home has been abandoned.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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