For me it depends on what topics I’m writing about. I write freelance literary journalism that are published elsewhere, but on Medium I write every single day for 100 Naked Words and I found that it has made me a better writer, if for no other reason than it’s expanded my mind and has made me more observant of well, basically everything. Now, are they my best pieces, maybe not but I put my heart into them and I give it my best and for the most part I just write about everyday life.

I also submit a weekly piece to Invisible Illness. I write and share my experience with Bipolar Disorder. I would imagine those that follow Invisible Illness most likely experience mental illness themselves. Now, could I have them published elsewhere and get paid for it? Sure, but I’d much prefer to share my story and hope rather than make a profit off of it.

As of right now, every piece I have submitted to that publication has made it to the Medium homepage. As of right now I currently have four stories on the homepage. Two from 100 Naked Words and Two from Invisible Illness. Since I started writing on Medium in September I have had roughly 15 stories on the homepage so I feel that good writing and best efforts still receive recognition. Also, the more I write the more I build up my writing portfolio and then some day if I want to switch things up from journalism to another genre I’ll be prepared to provide samples of my writing.

To make a drastically long story short, hold on to those pieces that are most near and dear to you for other venues and stick with your niche on Medium.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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