For myself I think negative self talk is based off other people’s, society’s standards. I choose not to live by those standards and instead always my own. If I’m to ask myself, Am I good enough? I am, yes, for today I am good enough. Each day is different. Of course I don’t want to feel depressed. Of course I don’t want to go on a three day manic binge sped on negative energy. Maybe I’ve gotten to the age where I’ve accepted it. I acknowledge I’m not at fault. Some things are beyond our control but how we handle ourselves is not. I get there’s the debate that perhaps some people are incapable but I disagree. Every person is capable of living up to their best level of function. We’re all capable of living up to our best ability to control how we handle ourselves.

As far as being curious, exploring and in search of discovery, I think that’s equally a part of adulthood as it is childhood, we just express it differently, or at least I do. We have so much to learn from, to thrive from all around us, even on our worst days. We have books and conversations, and social interactions, and the internet, nature, history, the list is endless really. I could never leave my house and I would still never stop learning, or exploring but I base that off of my standard and not anyone else’s.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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