Gee wiz, I wish you’d of just asked me. Ha.

Here’s the thing. For me, I feel like newsletters kill the thrill. I unsubscribed from your newsletter because I followed you on all your social media outlets. This way, I look forward to getting a notification that you’ve shared something new. I prefer this over it being fed to me because with a newsletter I know it’s coming and it takes away from that fandom crush feel when it becomes an expectation opposed to a “Nate published this morning! Yes!”

I have a newsletter but I honestly don’t know why other than reading all over the place about how every writer has to have a newsletter. The only positive I’ve gained from it is when readers respond to the email and I get to have direct, awesome conversations with them.

As far as follow for follow I think that’s the shittiest route to take because you’re right, people don’t care about us or our work. They only care about increasing their numbers. I’d much prefer only 10 followers who really love my work than a bazillion who are “gaming the system.”

I recently read an article saying that you need to have some sort of practical strategy if you want to grow your blog because no one actually does it organically and I’m all like- raises hand. I just write and people read and that’s enough for me.

In other news, I changed my profile pic everywhere. Luckily the majority of platforms cut out my face, but your hoodie is fully visible.

Behavioral Science ed/ reporter in Eastern Iowa. Informed and opinionated. My hobbies include petting cats, research and farming.

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