Hi Karen! Thank you for all the great feedback. I agree about the cats. I love my cats but if it’s all I wrote about I would be a super lame writer, or boring at the least. I prefer the Photoblog of them myself. The pictures can do the talking, but even that comes with pressure. Some days I’m like Crap! I forgot to post a photo.

As far as window glazing I’m sure you could find an instructional YouTube video on it. I’m now intrigued by this window glazing you mentioned. I might look for a video on it myself. I’m sure there’s an instructional video on anything and everything on YouTube.

As far as listicles and how-to articles I feel like I’ve got the basics down like how to put on pants, make coffee, drive a car. Anything passed that I’ll figure out on my own along the way.

There are some listicles I would enjoy reading. Such as, “Ten asshole things Trump did this morning,” and “Ten different types of chocolate cakes,” or maybe even, “Ten reasons why you shouldn’t write listicles.” Okay, I’m being a smart ass now. I totally do not want to read anything Trump. I’m down for the chocolate cake though.

Behavioral science ed/ reporter in Eastern Iowa. Informed and opinionated. My hobbies include petting cats, research & farming.

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