Hi Roy,

Next month makes my one year anniversary on Patreon. Here’s the scoop.

  • I half agree with Tracy (and Mark?). You do have to put a lot into it but more so to build it up and gain traction rather than making it worth it for patrons, especially if you’re already creating.
  • Patreon is actually quite social. There’s a community section on your homepage to get the discussions going. The downside is you aren’t able to post there. You can only engage in threads your patrons start. Patreon also has Discord which is a a fun feature! You can do text, talk and video chat or you can send out mass messages to your patrons and followers! Last!, Patreon has a crowd cast session for creators one Friday evening a month.

The trick however, is that you have to drive traffic to your page in order for any engagement to happen. I’ve done extensive research on Patreon and this has proven a challenge for me. I currently have 10 patrons (and about 5 or 6 have dropped me (they come and go). Yes, I used double parenthesis.

After one year I’m sitting on the “post naked pics of myself,” or “saw off a limb” ledge to gain more patrons but I also feel I’m in a place where I can look back and reflect on where I need to make improvements. I don’t think it’s with my reward tiers. I feel they’re rather stellar, actually. I think I need to be more engaging publicly.

Most people do not know you can simply follow creators without pledging cash. ←This is huge. That’s why I have literally made it huge.

Click on this link to go to my Patreon page and I’ll give you a quick tour.

  • First, on the left side of the page where it states how many patrons I have there is a follow link beneath that number. All you need is a FREE AND EASY TO USE Patreon account and you can follow me. (In your private toolbar there is a “Patrons” icon. You can find a list of patrons and followers there).
  • Now, look on the right at my reward tiers. Once you hit the $10 tier you gain access to my Discord community.
  • If you click on the “Community” tab top, front and center you’ll see that Jim is the only one who has started a community discussion…so far (I swear this will be my year!).

It is, in fact an engaging site. It’s just up to us to gain traffic and initiate engaging. If I had it my way I would pack up my 20K followers here on Medium and relocate them over to Patreon. I’ve been trying. I guess I just haven’t found the right approach yet, OR I really suck at writing and art and my followers are too lazy to hit the unfollow button and therefore have stuck it out by just scrolling past me in their feed. (I’m located 142 thumb scrolls bellow Future Humans).

Last suggestion/ opinion/ piece of advice to you, Roy. Make more than one tier. I just pledged a dollar to you when I totally would have pledged $5+ because I already know I love your work.

Good luck to you.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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