How I Became a Successful Writer

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There’s so much information on how to become a successful writer and I’m sure every writer has read it all. I base this data off of what writer doesn’t want to be successful?

These are the typical tips I’ve read over and over again:

Write great content you think readers want to read opposed to what you actually want to write.

Promote yourself on every social media site even if you can’t figure out how to use them or your time is so limited that you usually post while you’re sitting on the toilet.

Use click bait headlines such as the one I used for this article.

Saw your left arm off.

Get published in big name online publications and magazines- except I’ve done that and it sucks.

Write listicles on how you’re better than everyone else or how everything we’re doing with our lives is wrong and we should do it your way.

Yes, it’s possible to become a successful writer by doing those things but why sell out? Not to mention the step I’m about to share with you is nothing I’ve read before. It’s my own personal secret.

Are you ready?

Here’s how I became a successful writer:

I talk to people, build rapport with my readers, treat my readers the way I want to be treated, unconditionally.

It’s that simple. Be a person. You’re a person (though, that’s just an assumption). I’m a person (this I am certain of).

I spend the first two hours of my work day responding to emails and the last hour of my work day responding to emails. I prefer to chat directly with them rather than spend time on social media with the exception of Instagram because I love cat photos. #ProudToHaveIssues #9Cats #meow

The five hours in between chatting are spent writing, reading and researching.

Okay, there’s seven hours in between but it’s only because I nap for an hour, exercise for 30 minutes and go outside for 30 minutes (I eat while I’m working). I just had oatmeal with fresh berries. It was delicious.

I don’t consider talking with my readers as work because they’re all cool, and kind, and I love learning about them and hearing their stories.

Let’s be real. No one would be a successful writer without readers so all those other suggestions I mentioned above really don’t mean anything.

Erika Sauter is a writer, artist and agoraphobic manic depressive who feels awkward writing about herself in the third person.

You can find her hiding behind her laptop monitor at All Things Creative on Medium.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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