I actually worked for another not for profit after I left there and it was fairly similar. I think since not for profits have limited funding they may tend to lean on employees more for less pay. I went into not for profit for a reason. I would have settled for the less pay had I and my staff been appreciated for the job we were doing.

My husband worked for a huge national corporation (which I won’t name, they are that huge) and he made a shit ton of money. More than 3x what I was making but it was equally as bad for him. If he didn’t respond to emails at midnight he would be doomed the next day. One night he worked late, a 14 hour day, then got called back in at 10 PM and was there until 3 AM. His start time was 5 AM. He came home and napped and went in at 8 AM. He actually got written up for being late. That wasn’t the worst part though, he had worked there over 20 years at the time that happened. I finally told him, “Dude, it’s our life. That’s only money,” and he eventually quit, which he really deserved to do, the same as I did. I don’t know. Maybe that’s just what employment is like nowadays, profit or not.

Since then we’ve moved to Iowa. I now write for a living and he works at a tiny little band-aid hospital in a farming community. We both make crap for money and love what we’re doing.

Reporter based in Eastern Iowa. Pro- equality. Anti- AR15. My hobbies include emotional eating, petting cats, hibernating and farming.

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