I agree with this. I’m also a bit envious of the idea, too. I left home at a young age and took nothing with me. I’m intrigued by my husband and his family living on farms passed down for generations and all the heirlooms his parents have from those generations before them. He and I now have a set of cookware that belonged to his great-grandmother.

My husband has a pension from the job he worked for 20+ years. Like, jobs just don’t do pensions anymore unless it’s tied to the government somehow. Our generation is the last to see that.

Planning out our life time is a challenge. Right now in my forties I’m ready to go but who knows how I’ll feel in my sixties. We live in a society where it is ingrained in us to plan, plan, plan but at the same time it limits room to grow, learn and explore.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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