I believe leaving a legacy has a great deal to do with leading by example. In a sense it’s like that old saying, and I’m paraphrasing, you do tons of good shit but that one time you fuck up is the one thing people will always remember.

Everyone is different and we all have to dig deep down into our darkest soul and decide how and for what, if anything, we want to be remembered.

I agree with your hate-read analysis of David Brooks. I feel similarly about him but at the same time dude knows what’s up when it comes to social patterns and his style is at the forefront of saying, it’s up to you people. Take accountability.

I admit, I read all his Op in NYT and read and own all of his books. My favorite is The Roosevelt Approach he wrote back during the Presidential campaign and not because of politics (in which I truly avoid) but because we the people should be living up to this every day and like, why aren’t we?

Oh, and he also did a Ted Talk on living for your resume or eulogy.

Great piece, John. You touched a topic we all think about yet never speak a word of.

Reporter based in Eastern Iowa. Pro- equality. Anti- AR15. My hobbies include emotional eating, petting cats, hibernating and farming.

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