I believe there are those who feel writing is an easy way to make money but I also believe that once they attempt to do it they will soon learn this is not the case. I work regular “office” hours, nine hours a day, five days a week and honestly, I do a bit over the weekends too. This is no easy gig. I often feel that isn’t even enough time. There’s searching for paying publications, queries, research, reading, interviewing, traveling and then of course the actual writing process. It’s not easy but I love it. I make more fans and friends than money but I’m good with that. Creativity has taught me that less is so much more.

I’m getting ready to type up the weekly list of writing contest. There are so many poetry opportunities I’m going to dedicated next week’s list entirely to poetry. Writing contests are a great way to get published, your name out there and open up new doors. There’s also the monetary prize as well.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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