I can agree to disagree as I just don’t feel as hostile as you on the subject of immigration. I also don’t feel church and state should be viewed as one.

Also, we’re in the process of applying for this, so yes, I believe humanity trumps the crimes of few and willingly would stuff as many people displaced in my home as possible.

Next, I couldn’t get a driver license or attend college, join the military or have health insurance without proving citizenship. There is no way immigrants are being treat better and above Americans, E-verify means there is no way they are taking Americans jobs and as far as homeless vets, I worked for an organization in collaboration with the City of Mesa Housing Authority who had hundreds of housing vouchers for vets that none applied for. We actually had to go out and hunt them down or we would lose grant funding. Seniors, children and those who experience mental illness were at the top of our list to receive care, BUT they had to prove citizenship to receive it.

I don’t feel concerned for my children’s ability to get an education or gain employment.

I strongly disagree that Trump is doing his best for Americans or at least the Americans that deserve better. The Republican party has failed us.

I voted for McCain in 2008 and was sad he lost. I’m not really interested in who disagrees with me. I don’t need to hear he’s war hungry. America is war hungry and will still be war hungry long after he’s gone, but he has always, in my opinion, made decisions he felt were best for the people even if it opposed his own party. I miss Obama and I’m not really interested in who disagrees with me. I could write a list of reasons why I miss him but that would take me all day.

I do agree that acts of terrorism take place in America every day by Americans. Mass shootings, homicides, sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse and substance abuse. I believe our government doesn’t acknowledge these things as we are far too busy boasting about what a great nation we are as if our shit don’t stink. I feel Trump is focusing far more on other countries and immigrants than Obama ever had. If anything, Trump is only keeping the Federal Court system’s schedule full.

That’s the thing about being American. I have the freedom to voice my own opinion, the same as you and the freedom to not argue it with others, the same as you.

I do appreciate your opinion, and are open minded to it. I’m just not comfortable defending mine.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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