I can’t help but to feel that Medium is trying to force clicks. We have to find our own group to hangout with while the homepage seems to be similar headlines over and over again written by the same writers over and over again.

How about sharing the love (a.k.a. spotlight)? I think it’s fair to say without writers Medium would never have made it as far as it has.

As a paying member I feel it would be of great value to me if someone were to ask me what I want my homepage to look like since I am, in fact, paying a membership fee for a reason.

Even the from my network section is filled with articles from publications I don’t care much for and certainly not what I chose.

There are politics in everything and I think the politics in this situation is that Medium is trying to create something they believe people want to see but truth be told, I originally came to Medium because of how much the platform stood out from the average media platform with its openness to all genres and less focus on current events. This has changed considerably since the membership gig has began. It’s become a crap load of click bait I don’t want to see.

Where the fuck is the poetry, fiction and creative writing, btw? I don’t write poetry or fiction because I outright suck at it. This is why Medium is so valuable to me. I love it and have the opportunity to read writers who don’t suck at it. I also have to dig for humor and satire. Some days are shit and I just want to come home and read something funny on my homepage without using a shovel to find it.

Let’s make a deal, Medium. I’ll continue to pay my $5 membership fee if you make some efforts in putting the writers I WANT TO READ in my feed so my fee supports them and their awesomeness that keeps bringing me back.

To be clear, they are the ones bringing me back to Medium every day.

Don’t know which writers I’m referring to? Check my algorithm. You’ll find them there.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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