I carry a “Writer’s notebook,” with me everywhere I go. Pocket size makes it easy to fit in your pocket with a pencil as well. I experience the same thing where I’ll be somewhere and I see a ton of topics I could write about. The best part of the notebook is that on the days I’m stumped I can refer back and find something to write about. I also use writing prompts on stuck days. You can Google thousands of them. Then I’ll do a five minute free write of whatever was triggered in my brain about the prompt.

Writing is addictive. It’s a way to express yourself, share your stories and share your knowledge. Actually I think there’s probably an endless list of reasons that writers write.

As far as what do I wish for:

For writing it would be to never stop improving my craft.

In general it’s world peace.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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