I don’t know if you read comments or respond to them. This is the first piece I’ve read of yours and I only stumbled upon it because I read John Gorman’s response to you in my feed.

I’m not about to debate your points. They are both valid and real. I do however, debate the tunnel vision in which they were written.

There are many reasons people experience depression and suicidal ideation outside of predatory capitalism and/ or trauma. Genetics are hereditary and go back for generations before America or the world was the way it is now. Do environmental issues enhance it? Perhaps, but if so that could be caused by lack of coping skills or an inability to cope whatsoever, or a number of different factors.

I know this from personal experience and I don’t feel I’m oppressed or pressured by predatory capitalism nor any form of trauma. I just come from a long line of not so good genes and I’ve learned to get a firm grip on it.

Although detailed, fact driven and written with intensity your article dismisses many aspects of causes.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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