I had a digital subscription to the New York Times. Now, I avoid the news as much as possible and never read world/ nation or any daily news in the NYT. I subscribed for the majority of the other sections but for $26 a month I didn’t feel it to be worth the expense anymore because I can find those topics I’m interested in, for free at my local library in the form of periodicals. Not to mention even with my paid subscription I was bombarded with ads on every page and throughout ever article I read.

Isnt that double dipping?

It’s a bit of an inconvenience to know I have to make it to the library at least one day a week to catch up on a week’s worth of information as far as newspapers go but I can tailor that information based on my interests and pay nothing. Magazines and Journals I can check out for three weeks. I want to learn, I want to educate myself, I want to be up to date so this I feel is worth it.

On the other side of it I want writers and journalist to be able to make a living wage. To me paying the $5 a month Medium membership fee is supporting the writers I enjoy reading that may not otherwise be paid. But, to charge a subscription fee and blow me up with marketing ads just ain’t cool.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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