I have never read Big Magic and I hear about it everywhere so I just went onto Thirtbooks and purchased both books you’ve mentioned.

I’ve always been creative. Since moving out here to the middle of nowhere in Iowa the big thing in our teeny tiny — not on the map town is quilting. It’s everywhere I go though there aren’t many places to go here. I don’t quilt nor do I have any inclination to do so.

The people who live here, my neighbors and local shop owners, librarians, et cetra think I’m some sort of celebrity as a published writer. It’s uncomfortable and I often feel I’m receiving treatment I don’t deserve because not only am I a writer but I’m also an introverted asshole.

I have found a way to work around the year long quilt-athon that takes place locally be reaching out via the internet to creative communities and seeing what other writers and artists are up to and also making the 80 mile round trip drive to Iowa City as often as I can to submerge myself in the writing and arts culture.

I just love this story you have wrote. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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