I have no interest in “increasing my productivity,” and I really like your perspective here, that being productive is about getting the important stuff done. I was excited to see there are many things on your list (I highlighted) that I already do on a daily basis so I feel a bit good about myself right now.

I’m a master at #9! It’s my best coping skill. Crisis= nap time.

#15 has been one of the most helpful tips for life in general.

#16- brew coffee, go outside with one of our cats who is nuts and desperately wants to be outside at 4:00 AM when it’s -12 degrees with two feet of snow on the ground. Then I get a fire going, seal the main floor so it gets all cozy and roasty, and sit on the floor and drink my coffee while hanging out with all my cats. Once there’s enough light coming through the windows I read one section from the Sunday newspaper (we always ditch the news and just read the educational stuff). Shortly after my husband leaves for work I head upstairs to my office and get to work.

#22! Please just call me. I do not have time in my life to decide what we should eat for dinner in an 87 text messages conversation.

I’d need to clear a week in order to make a dent in #34.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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