I love this and totally agree! I do this all the time. Even this morning I said to my husband and daughter, Hey, look! I had a story published in Scary Mommy magazine today and then I said, No, you’re not reading it.

It’s something about them being so close and knowing the things about me, a side of me I never show my loved ones.

My daughter just happened to read my story, Letter to Friends and the Motherfucking Sad. She said to me, You hide it so well. I had no idea.

You’re not supposed to, I responded.

I think that’s one of the reason people write, and I’m referring to writers of stories, poetry and personal narrative (not how to and listicles) is because it offers this opportunity to explore and escape the inner truths about ourselves that we’re not comfortable doing within our comfort zone, if that makes sense.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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