I often see and read time management articles focusing on how to be more productive, how to accomplish more and how to chain our butts to the chair.

Yours is an interesting take on how the fact of the matter is we need to learn to manage ourselves and although I agree in a sense I’m also left wondering why I never find articles based on work- life balance when it comes to time management. I think it’s a significant part of managing ourselves.

I do want to get my story written, make my deadline, reach a wider audience but a lot of the skills required to do so can be considered life skills as in the fundamentals taught to us during school age years.

We also need to take the time to live and experience life in order to grow as individuals, as human beings and rarely do I see this as a topic of discussion. Keeping my butt chained to the chair does appear to be a perfect solution but at the same time there is a great deal of distraction related to creativity. I tend to be thinking of a specific topic that branches off and off and off again, and I find myself on the opposite side of the spectrum in no time, derailed from the task at hand. Without that, however, I limit myself.

It seems to me, a realistic solution to time management would be to allow myself the time to wander off. This was my immediate thought process based on your suggestions for self-compassion. I do all of those things but at times it’s just not enough to complete my best work. Sometimes I need to goof off too.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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