I think all creators should be compensated for their time, work and ingenuity. I can honestly say I haven’t put thought into the female/ male angle but I have put a great deal of thought into the amount of support self-help/ life hacking gurus are receiving compared to people like me who consider themselves a creator.

I have a Patreon. I shout it from rooftops. I offer freebies, monthly themes and video chats along with an exclusive feed. In my perfect world I would reach my Patreon goal and create only for those who chose to invest in me and my work.

I post it on all my social media sites which is an absurdly long list with the intention of directing traffic to my Patreon. I’ve even created a Medium publication for promotion where I own the domain name but yet I have little to no success. I’m to the point where I’m questioning why I was so confident in myself and leaning more towards questions like, What’s wrong with me? and, does my writing suck that bad?

A male friend suggested I start a Patreon. He has been my number one supporter. I feel desperate to get out of the publishing biz and create a community of my own. The fact that he believes in me is enough to believe in myself.

Reality is, I’m a contributor for HuffPost and I don’t even read HuffPost or any publications that swap a check for a story so why am I writing for them? I want to write for those who enjoy my writing and not for the mini-fame-dome of major publications.

I don’t feel challenged asking for money, I feel defeated that I do ask and haven’t reached my goal.

Good luck to you and thank you, I feel I learned from your article.

Reporter based in Eastern Iowa. Pro- equality. Anti- AR15. My hobbies include emotional eating, petting cats, hibernating and farming.

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