I think if I weren’t paying a membership fee I wouldn’t feel as bothered by it, but I pay the membership fee so I’m able to support the writers I enjoy reading. The way the homepage is set up now feels as if Medium is dictating where I should be investing my membership fee and that ain’t cool, and it’s been this way even before today’s changes.

I hate the word, content and thats what they’re pushing right now. I’m guessing because it’s mainstream and maybe they’re thinking that’s what it’s going to take to cash in on more members and more fees. I have no idea what they’re actually trying to accomplish. I only have my opinion on how it effects me and an assumption that if we’re seeing little positive feedback on these changes, and Medium is genuinely focused on their current members then signals have been crossed somewhere.

Creative writing, poetry, short stories, flash fiction, literary journalism, personal essays, none of these are content. There’s an entire art of literature being buried deep below the surface and it’s sad and unfortunate because in my opinion it’s these genres that make Medium a great place to read and write. Content is on the homepage of every online magazine and news publication.

I’m by no means suggesting to get rid of the overplayed current event headlines, listicles, self-help, life hacking and not millionaires telling us how to be millionaires because those writers have shit loads of followers so there is an audience for it, but those readers should be able to choose to have that on their homepage just the same as I should be able to choose to have the genres I want to read available to me on my homepage.

Also, and I know it sounds negative for me to say but I feel Medium may not understand the difference between topic and genre and it’s fairly easy to breakdown.

Topics= content

Genre= literature

Good luck with JK Rowlings. Hot damn, that would be a miracle. ha.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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