I think the most valuable key to growing any audience on any platform is engagement with that audience.

I’m fairly new to Twitter but 100% see what you are referring to. It’s almost as if you can’t be a real writer without sharing all of your thoughts on Twitter, given something to followers other than links and being responsive to comments.

I’ve been working on it but it’s hard to compete with so many that are already in the game, winning the game.

I struggle with Twitter as being the “writer’s” platform because it is also a platform fueled and driven with hate, racism, the spread of false information and I can’t even remember the last time I heard something about our current president that did not state at some point, “Trump took to Twitter and tweeted _____.”

You can just as easily ruin your name as you can build it. I see things in my feed which I intentionally block out of my life. There is no escape.

I strongly agree with what you have written and commend you for saying what many of us have been thinking. I also agree with David Potts. Would the authors, the gate keepers to true literature be as successful and adored today if they were not on Twitter?

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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