I very much so believe this statement but I feel, from my experience, that it’s big name corps that tend to sell out or ruin what was once good in order to turn more profit. I see mom and pop shops sticking with what brought them to success of damn good food and this is where I will and continue to spend my money.

I enjoyed your article and I will say this simply as a middle aged woman who eats her feelings; fancy, expensive food tastes like shit while poor people’s food tastes amazing. Each bite creates this unexplainable sensation that everything will be okay. There’s nothing like a $3 burrito from an off name street vendor to solve all of my problems.

When I’m out and about somewhere and I feel that grumble in my belly I’ll invest the time in finding a unique and independently owned food place to satisfy my fill while passing up every corporate owned or food chain until I find one.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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