I Woke up this Morning to 20,003 Followers

I’ve hit a milestone and this is how I did it

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Photo Credit: Amberleigh Storms

27 tornadoes thrashed Eastern Iowa late Thursday afternoon into the dark hours of Friday morning causing towns to declare a State of Emergency. Miraculously, other than insane wind that carried lawn furniture off into cornfields and excessive rains that flooded my basement, the speck of a town where I live went unscathed.

Services were limited during this time. The internet was down. Cell service was choppy. What little electric we had was conserved for important things such as keeping food cold and appropriate lighting for face painting.

By late Friday afternoon the clouds began to open, the sun shed its light and WiFi was restored.

Everyone safe? Check
Roof still intact? Check
Social Media? Check

It was then I discovered I was at 19,991 followers on Medium. I did what any writer would do when so close to crossing the threshold of 20K. I closed my laptop and left for the farmers market to buy vegetables.

This is how I did it. This is how I achieved the sought after success every writer hopes for. This is how I gained a following of over 20K.

I wrote stories and people read them.

I know, brilliant marketing tactic on my part and now that I’m looking down from this mountainous pedestal I see the one true discovery from my quest. Who are all of these people? If I were to claim I engage with maybe 100 readers per month I’d be giving myself too much credit.

In closing, I do have a congratulatory- thank you speech prepared. I would like to thank my cats Nico, Lou, Olive, Sammy, Bones, Boomer, Brutus, China, Viktor and Chip. If it weren’t for my Crazy Cat Lady Photoblog I probably wouldn’t have started a Medium account.

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Photo Credit: My husband (that’s me sleeping at the top of the bed)

I’m a writer, artist and agoraphobic manic depressive. You can find me hiding behind my laptop monitor at All Things Creative.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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