I write because I want to, truly, I’m not in it for the views. I write everyday, not only to improve my craft but I’ve found it’s opened my eyes to everything around me. There’s a story everywhere and about everything. The reason I write on Medium is because I can write whatever I want. I get to write the fun stuff. As I assume with most anything it’s more fun when you’re not getting paid.

I’ve tried all the social media stuff to promote my writing but honestly, I’m old and irritable and it’s so much to keep up with. Not in the sense that it’s too much work but more so I feel once I’ve gotten comfortable with something it changes again.

Also, How do you get notified when I post on Medium? What is this magic you speak of? I want to get notified when everyone posts something!

Behavioral science ed/ reporter in Eastern Iowa. Informed and opinionated. My hobbies include petting cats, research & farming.

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