I’m a lot jealous, obviously by my use of denial words in my story. To prove my point you noticed the cats before you noticed my super awesome photography skills, but again. I get it.

A quick snip-it about the cats in this photo, all of our pets are rescues. The two on the light colored chair and the small gray on the green chair are triplets and Boomer, the one hanging off the end of the green chair was rescued by the jowls of an angry farm dog inside a cornfield.

Another quick snip-it in reference to what you said, when my husband and I began dating he said he wasn’t a cat person. GASP! I thought, Dear lord, I should end it now and not waste either of our time but I stuck it out and as our relationship became more serious I brought (only five cats at the time) into his life and he brought his amazing Gonzo, a German Shepard into mine.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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