I’m a Natural Born American Citizen

Trump is a Natural Born American Disaster

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Retrieved from Huffington Post: “Ten Unconventional Flags That Make Us Proud To Be American”

When Trump accepted the Republican nomination I felt disappointed in the Republican Party.

When Trump won the Presidential election I felt America failed me.

When Trump took office on Inauguration Day I felt my American values shatter into pieces.

As mainstream media plasters Trump everywhere, as hate continues to spread, as our country continues to divide, as nothing a President should do has been done, I have kept my opinions to myself.

I can no longer do that. I can’t. I won’t.

When I read the news this morning I was outraged. I had to force myself to read past the first two paragraphs. I wanted to scream with every American fiber boiling in my blood.

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Whether or not these cuts are approved is not at all the point. It’s the fact, and fact alone, that Trump would consider this a viable option.

“A budget that puts America first must make the safety of our people its number one priority- because without safety there can be no prosperity.” -Donald Trump

If that were truly Mr. President’s intentions why have I not heard anything about increasing funding for domestic programs for the crimes committed by Americans onto other Americans. What about homicide, mass shootings, serial killers, domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault? Why isn’t our safety an issue in these cases? Let’s be realistic, I have a better chance of being mugged by an American Citizen than I do being gunned down by ISIS.

Here’s a breakdown of the cuts. Keep in mind this is simply my opinion.

Foreign Aid

I’ll agree to cutting foreign aid when it comes to the production of weapons of mass destruction, I agree to cutting aid for America’s weapons of mass destruction as well.

Beyond that, have you seen what’s going on in the world? When did we stop being compassionate and human? Does “Love your neighbor as yourself” have no significance when it comes to other countries?

Hey Mr. President, we’ll need that increased military after you’ve pissed every other country off. So much for our safety.

Environmental Protection Agency

Hey Mr. President, do you pay attention to the damage created by weather, pollution, nuclear waste, natural disasters, fracking, oil spills, anything? Let me guess, there’s no reason to protect our oceans or our land. Does human health not fall into the category of the safety of the American people? Three things humans need to survive: food, water and oxygen.

Medical Research

The thought of cutting medical research funding makes me want to throw up but lucky for me there’s already a cure for that.

Hey Mr. President, I sure hope when you say, “medical research,” you are excluding diseases such as cancer, AIDS, heart diseases, diabetes, pneumonia, COPD, Influenza, premature birth complications, Tuberculosis, Malaria and mental health. There currently aren’t cures for those diseases. Does dying of disease not fall into the category of the safety of the American people?

Help for Homeless Veterans

Hey Mr. President, I hope you’re not referring to the veterans that fought in America’s wars in effort to ensure the safety of the American people. I mean it. I really f*cking hope those aren’t the veterans you’re referring to, because if they are, then you are a disrespectful embarrassment.

Community Development Grants

This subject is my occupational area of expertise, but I’ll keep it brief.

Community Development Grants ensure housing for children, programs to educate their parents, provide support to those who experience mental illness and victims of violent crimes that may have been caused against them by other American Citizens. These grants help the homeless, families that have minimum wage jobs living below the poverty level, people living with substance abuse. Does suffering or improving the quality of life not fall into the category of the safety of the American people?

Community Development Grants promote and empower community health and wellness, something the American people will need more than ever once the Environmental Protection Agency budget is cut.

Community Development Grants also help veterans that we’ve already determined don’t need help, isn’t that right, Mr. President?

In conclusion, Mr. President, while you’re building your wall of hate I hope you can find it within yourself to see that your wall is the last thing we need to keep Americans safe.

This is my voice. Hear it loud and clear because once my environment is destroyed, or I die of disease, or I’m no longer deserving of the help I may some day desperately need, and when the foundation of every belief, value and moral my country was founded upon is upended, my voice is all I’ll have left, with every American fiber of it.

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