I’m one of those, “Thank goodness tomorrow is another day,” people. Yet, everyone seems to think I have my shit together and I’m absurdly productive therefore equating to superior organizational skills.

I’ve got them fooled, but I do have a system to how I stay on task and I’m totally willing to share it with you in true guru/ superstar fashion.


  1. A giant ass dry erase board where I track all my thoughts (and doodles)

2. A day to day bullet journal (spiral notebook) accompanied with the ABC method.

A. Must do or will die.

B. Should do but won’t die.

C. Why is this on my list? I don’t have time for this.

3. If I should leave the house (it’s a heavy if as I’ve not fully determined the difference between depression and agoraphobia yet), I have a teeny tiny notebook I take with me to jot down anything that comes to mind. It’s cute. It has a cat on it (imagine that, right? Meow).

4. And I really think this one seals the deal on my level of productivity-


I think it’s fairly typical for people to think mania is a scattered episode but it actually consists a great deal of obsessive and compulsiveness.

Quick review:

Dry erase board

Bullet Journal


Mood Disorder

This is your year, Lisa. You’ve got this. I love your writing and read all of your stories (quite obsessive and compulsively).

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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