Iowa fails to live up to a false narrative, proving they aren’t nice. An Iowa man built a memorial outside of his Cedar Rapids home, placing a small white flag for each Iowan who lost their battle to COVID-19.

3,212 flags later, he receives an unappreciative response from his community.

“What an idiot. Is he gonna put a flag out there for everyone who kicks it from the seasonal flu? There’s no difference,” one neighbor said.

“They probably didn’t even die from COVID-19,” another neighbor said. “My friend’s brother’s girlfriend has a cousin whose uncle died in a car accident and they stamped the death certificate Covid.”

Over two dozen people referred to him as a sheep in a public forum on the newscast’s website, along with a slew of vulgar names. Therefore, proving that Iowans aren’t nice. They’re cruel and assaulting.

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