Iowa’s State Health Data Proves Children Contract and Transmit COVID-19

As schools look to open around the nation, Iowa’s statistics have gone unnoticed

Graph A. Screenshot of Iowa’s 7-day positivity rate taken from

Welcome to the State of Iowa, where schools have not only remained 100% open, but the state will jail teachers if they don’t teach in person, even while they’re sick. GOP Governor Reynolds was gracious enough to waive jailing, and revoking their state teaching license, if they’re hospitalized.

The Iowa GOP claims virtual learning is detrimental to a generation who spends most of their time staring at their cellphones. They need face to face social engagement with their friends who they spend class time texting.

However, The Iowa GOP has also proven that the misinformation they spread claiming “the data shows us” kids are at a very low risk of getting or transmitting COVID-19, is in fact, misinformation.

As you can see by graph A (above), the 0–18 age group is currently our state’s COVID-19 driving force. Their parents’ age group isn’t too far behind.

Hmm, I wonder why? Gee whiz, it’s a mystery.

Graph B (below) is Iowa County, a rural area where I live and provide news coverage. Please note age group percentages. As shown in graph B, you’d think the 0–18 age group are the only people who live here.

Graph B. Screenshot of Iowa County’s 14-day postivity rate.

For more information on the “results” of the Iowa GOP‘s dangerous policies, and school’s remaining open amid a pandemic, visit

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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