It Was Discovered at 10:49 AM

Joe Had Gone Out to the Man Cave to Start Up the Tractor…

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My only squeeze on his little green tractor 6/17/2017

As I walked into the Man Cave Joe said, “There’s a murder scene.”

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“This is so bizarre,” I said. “There’s no feathers outside the door. That means it was most likely still alive when whoever brought it in here. It could have been a hostage situation gone terribly wrong.”

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Ah-Ha! We are currently searching our property for this cat:

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Lou 5/12/2017

Should you have information leading to her whereabouts please contact me immediately. If you should see her do not, I repeat, do not approach her. She may be dangerous.

Me ← Shows S Lou’s Collar.

S: This is incriminating. It proves nothing. I’m not telling you anything.

Me: She’ll be given a fair trial just like China had when she killed Fish Stick.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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