It’s early morning day 4 here in Iowa. It’s chili and I’m set up to write in front of the fire place. The process of writing the past several days has been exhilarating. I thought it would be more stressful but it’s not. I can’t see the sense in getting stressed. The idea is to enjoy creating, and that’s what I’ve done. I’ve had a few bumps and challenges, but I find that I can skip over where I’m stumped and move on, allowing other ideas to flow. Sometimes you need to experience the present moment to fill in the past. I’ve been sticking to my outline while savoring the process of word sprints and remaining within the allotted time frame I’ve permitted for NaNoWriMo each day. It sounds structured, but I’ve also allowed myself the freedom of going wherever the story takes me, yet I’m still in control.

Now that my fingertips have warmed it’s time to get busy. I’m excited to get to the end of day 4 and see what I have created.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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