Jessica, this is the truth. I remember hearing about that teacher a few years back (before Trump was elected and had shut down all news in my life as somewhat of force field against the stupidity yet to come) who was forced to resign for participating in a twerking contest on her vacation. The video was uploaded to Facebook, went viral and someone identified her.

She was on her vacation, in which she is entitled. Not to mention it wasn’t porn for the love of god. She was dressed in beach attire while at the beach. The backlash was undeserving. If I remember correctly there was sort of an “Oh my god, holy shit, this teacher has a life, she’s an actual human being who does more than just live for her paycheck, quick!!!! get rid of her,” or something similar to that.

She did win the twerking contest, though. Props to her.

I don’t want to mention specifics, as it is the internet where nothing is private but I know a guy who works at a place who had to sign an agreement with the organization of what personal stuff he is allowed and not allowed to post on social media.

We’re no longer entitled to use personal social media accounts to share personal stuff. That decision is controlled for us, yet Trump is entitled to share every. single. thought. he has on Twitter which seriously, I think the entire purpose of that is to distract us from every other bigger government and political issue.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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