My crisis plan has been an amazing asset. I have a three part plan. First, a short burst of exercise. This jump starts my endorphins which gives me a limited time of rational thinking. If I can’t get myself out of it from there I have a specific friend I call who is on board and a willing participant in my crisis plan. Sometimes it really helps me to have them step in and assist me in creating a plan.

Depending on the severity at the time we’ll make a plan for an hour, four hours or the day. Then when time is up she calls to check in and if we need to make another plan we do.

The final part of my plan is my primary care provider. A mental health care provider will work to, even better maybe but I live in a small town and they are in the city 45 minutes away. Instead, I go sit in the primary care provider’s waiting room until I’m feeling better. That way I’m not alone during the worst moments. This way I’m safe and also not negatively effecting family members and friends. This also allows me the personal space I need to pull out of it.

I do hope this helps. If you want to chat more please feel free to email me.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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