My husband took the cats outside to do yard work with him except for baby Chip who is still sleeping. They are like children. When he’s home from work I’m like, Dear, lord. Please take them and give me some space.

It often boggles my mind to see what people are and aren’t willing to invest there money in. There is so much need, so much yet there’s an entire population willing to by lottery tickets adding up to the millions. It’s sort of the same way I view the Sharknado and Jurassic Park movies. There are homeless children on the streets of our country yet they continue to invest millions in making these dumb ass movies.

As far as hate in the world, this hits my heart, hard. We all so simply could step outside our front doors and make a positive impact on our own community. The more each and everyone of us do that the more of a ripple effect we would create.

Thank you for your kind words always, KD. Your words matter and so do you.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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