New study finds that some voters prefer the name “Sleepy Joe.” While serving as vice president for two terms during the Obama Administration, the American public referred to President- Elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. as “Uncle Joe.”

During the 2020 Presidential campaign, the Radical Right Mob called Biden “Sleepy Joe,” along with spreading false claims on the internet that the president-elect suffers from Dementia. In a surprising twist, the nickname stuck, bucking the mob and working in Biden’s favor.

“Honestly, I thought it was because he took 4 years off from politics, like some sort of hibernation reference. I had no idea they meant it to be negative,” one study participant said.

“I thought everyone was calling him Sleepy Joe because he isn’t up all night tweeting national security risks,” said another.

Challenges to recount and recertify the study are already underway.

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