Oh my goodness, yes! I’m not sure how long you’ve been publishing on Medium. My first thought when they announced premium publications I thought, wow- this is bullshit. We’re the ones, the writers, the little guys that has made Medium what it is, has driven traffic to the sight and have built up an amazing creative community and here they are trying to gain memberships with these big names and those big names are using Medium to gain subscriptions to their outlets.

I may sound crazy and if so, whatever but I am convinced that Medium buries our paywall stories in order to bring more attention to mainstream. That’s why I asked you guys to start posting your paywall stories in our group on Facebook. I never see them. I published this story behind the paywall on Wednesday morning. By 9 PM (10 hours later) when I saw it only had 17 views and 2 fans I decided to unlock it because I feel the story is important to me and others who may read it. Here we are 38 hours later and it has over 100 fans and 1.3K claps…proving the little guy’s paywall story gets buried.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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