Okay, Luke. My son and I were just watching Shroud play PUBG and someone dropped a $30,000 donation, I shit you not. (I totally chose the wrong profession.)

Anyway, I pull out my phone and read your Fortnite article to him and explain that your sons are a lot younger than he is (he’s 17). Oh wait, also he informed me that Fortnite is now available on mobile. I asked how he knows this and he responds with, “I go balls out on it during study hall at school.” (We had a totally separate discussion about that, ahem.)

Now he’s curious about Ninja so we do a search. He’s streaming. We were able to catch the end of his game.

My son says, “Ninja’s rippin’ it sick,” and I agreed.

Back to Shroud, holy crap. $30,000. That’s the highest donate I’ve seen yet.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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