Okay, so here’s the thing. I have a shitload of followers. I have no idea how or where they came from, the same as I have no idea how my stories get featured on Medium, they just do. It just is.

I’ve received advice from several self proclaimed blogging Gods” and “Gurus” who say to follow a bazillion people so they’ll follow you back. One even went as far as to say follow 125 every day and out of the 125 at least 10 should follow you back and within a month you’ll have 1000 followers and I’m like, who are these people and why do I want them following me if not because they enjoy my writing, my stories, my excessive use of profanity, you know?

I’m guilty of having 19K + followers and I only follow 368 but the truth is I read and engage with those 368 people and that’s what I want to do. That number will continue to grow as I continue to explore Medium. I had no say in all those following me. I just wrote and people read it. I’m grateful of course but I really have not trick or scheme on how I did it.

As far as social media goes I’ve accepted that I’ll never fully understand Twitter but I do use it as an extension of Medium. When I read something I really enjoyed I want to share it and help get the word out. Instagram is cool for visuals and I follow many artists because I dig art and I admit, I enjoy the cat memes and Sponge Bob video clips on Facebook but the real reason I have a Facebook profile is to participate in writing groups. The memes and videos are just an added bonus.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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