Profanity comes out of my mouth equally as it flows from my fingertips and every time I say something profane my husband looks at me with surprise as if he’s been taken off guard because like, really? How long have you known me?

He never swears except this one time he was frustrated and I got him to yell, Fuck with me over and over super loud in my car where no one else could hear us.

One time we got stuck driving (or more so hardly driving) behind this 90 year old (guesstimate) farmer going 20 mph in his double wide pickup (fact) and I shouted, Get out of the way you P.O.S!

My husband thought I was calling dude a point of sale. When I explained he said that made more sense.

My husband is so adorable. I love him.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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