Sherry, this is such valuable feedback and exactly what I needed to hear to give me a boost to seeing things clearly. It’s tough to see the world as good when the bad has been the reality for so long, but I know the good is there. I’ve experienced it with all of my senses.

I completely agree with you about letting things go that we most likely won’t remember and running with the things we will. As for cleaning the house, when my kids were little we called it “the clean up party” and we’d have it once a week. Things may not have been finely combed or toothbrush scrubbed clean but it sure made a huge difference in the figurative mess of life and we had fun doing it together. My kids have grown into young adults. They still come to the party it’s just that now they piss and moan over having to.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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