The Good, the Bad and the Reality

On the Development and Execution of Ideas

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It’s everywhere, I said to my husband as I pointed to this month’s special edition of Time Magazine with the marijuana health debate on the cover. I don’t think smoking pot is a big deal, I mean it does grow naturally.

It’s true. It’s everywhere as the heat of the debate steadily rises. My family and I have been researching it for the past several months searching for the answer to whether or not marijuana can be beneficial. We have a stack of journalism based magazines we’ve read on the subject. National Geographic, History Network, High Times and Life to name a few.

I even tried smoking marijuana for the first time in decades. From what I have learned through research marijuana can aid in relief from the physical symptoms of depression. I wondered if it could in fact help me with the daily symptoms I experience such as body aches, nausea, sleeplessness, restlessness, migraines and an immensely real soul crushing pain.

I did have a concern, however. 50% of what I read stated that marijuana had increased anxiety while the other half stated it decreased it. When I smoked it I quickly learned I was part of the 50% to experience anxiety. I spent the majority of the time wishing the effects I was feeling would go away and no time focused on whether or not I was experiencing any relief from the symptoms that had led me to easing this curiosity.

I still had the idea stuck in my head that in some way it could help me. I would later try CBD (cannabidiol which is naturally found in hemp plants) capsules recommended by a friend. I was able to experience the relief from symptoms without experiencing the panic inducing high.

Opium also grows naturally, my husband chimed after I pointed out Time Magazine. Look how that’s turned out.

If it were used as Mother Nature, God, the universe, who or whatever had intended, before man evolved beyond that intention, I don’t think we would be living in the era of the recent opioid crisis. If it were used for pain management only, as intended that is, I persisted.

I believe this to be true, also. If we look back to the beginning of time we can see how the human body and the earth were intended to be connected. The earth produces the food, vitamins, herbs and water the human body needs to survive and our bodies were designed for reproduction to ensure the survival of our species. This is what science has proven.

It’s the evolution of man, ingenuity that has steered us off course and to the present day of processed foods, politics, technology, the inability to live in simplicity, substance abuse and so on.

Nothing is as it should be, not to say it’s all bad. There have been a great deal of outstanding ideas brought to life. It’s been by the hands and mind of human kind in which change has originated from ideas.

Ideas are everywhere and the more we pursue our curiosities the more an idea transforms into a reality. Anything can be an idea and most definitely has been. When we think of ideas we think of creativity but I feel it’s typical to set limitations on what creativity means.

We think about arts and culture, sure. But what about ingenuity such as technology, medical science, science in all forms, actually and engineering? Engineering itself includes anything that has been developed from an idea on paper into something tangible.

Ideas are also our actions and we learn through execution. This could mean anything. I had an idea to build a solar generator and although I did blow out the electricity in an entire quadrant of our house the generator worked. I had the idea of doing 100 squats per day for a month to increase my physical strength. I did increase muscle mass but without continuing the routine beyond the 30 days I was no stronger than I was before. There’s also the time I considered canceling my internet service even though my livelihood depends on my connection to the cyber world.

The list of possibilities are endless, really and each of us view, process and execute ideas in different ways meaning the possibilities of possibilities are endless as well. It’s no different than going to the store to purchase band aids and discovering there are twenty brands who claim theirs are the best because of specific aspects they focus on.

In a sense our ideas cultivate magic. There are small goals and gigantic realizations within each one. Without ideas the evolution of creativity would falter. So would progress of the things we desperately need to progress such as treatments for Dementia or ending world hunger.

We thrive from ideas. We see this as the amount of start-ups increase. We develop an idea and are so fascinated by it it’s fair to say some become obsessed until their idea becomes a reality. We’re willing to work around the clock, forego our personal needs and cut off time with family and friends. We feed ourselves life hacking ideas from others in order to be more productive in order to transform our ideas into reality, but where is the line?

Is there a line we cross over where there is no coming back?

For most of us we develop ideas for what we believe is the greater good, as our contribution to the world or even just the desire to prove we can or because we’re driven by money.

I’m not sure when the shift took place. Humans originated from discovering means of survival to going far beyond what we could ever possibly need and to such an extent it jeopardizes our chances for survival.

I’m referring to nuclear warheads, climate change, synthetic drugs and substances and an irrational need to live outside of our means. Do we really need self driving cars, the internet in the palm of our hands or unnatural fat burning supplements?

What’s most intriguing to me is that we’re willing to do the work, hard work to transform our ideas into realities while the end product may be intended to make our lives easier.

Shouldn’t we be focusing more on creating ideas to improve our quality of life? Our ideas have become the root of our fears but yet we continue to develop new ideas every day.

Think about it, human kind has created things that cause cancer but yet, we can’t cure it.

I got the idea to write this story after the cover on Time Magazine led to debate between my husband and I. My stance was nature, his was ingenuity.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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