The Ultimate Broke-Ass Creative’s Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Spend a lot Less Money and Give the Best Gifts

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Thanksgiving is no longer a stand alone holiday. It lost it’s flair once Black Friday became obsessively popular. When the Thanksgiving Day newspaper arrived on our doorstep it was two thin sections of news with an irrational amount of sales advertisements in the center six inches thick.

It can be a challenge to wade through all the crap to find that perfect gift and as creatives we never have a ton of money to spend. The holiday season then becomes stressful instead of a time of year focused on creating memories with loved ones, but don’t fret. I’ve got you covered. Here are my top 15 gift ideas for anyone and everyone in your life.

1. The Handmade Gift

Transform your junk into someone else’s glory. You can origami anything in minutes with scrapbook paper and Wikihow or create the perfect gift with those soup cans wasting space in the recycle bin. Nothing says, I thought of you more than a handmade gift.

2. Date Night

Woo your significant other with a thoughtful, holiday themed date night. I recommend a home cooked meal together in front of the fireplace and a drive around the neighborhood to view the decorated homes of people more motivated to string lights than you are. A special touch- perfect end to the evening would be a night cap and Netflix while watching How The Grinch Stole Christmas. You’re sure to get laid.

When you’re dead the memories will mean more to your loved one than materialism. (I hope.)

3. Personal Coupons

Personal coupons are a fun, cheap and thoughtful way to go. They’re also a gift that continues to give throughout the year. Depending on who you’re gifting, ideas can range anywhere from a trip to the library, a meal ticket, get out of an argument free card to a blow job. Use colorful markers and decorate the envelope for an extra special touch.

4. A Cat

For the childless couple or that friend who is bound to stay single, give the gift of love. Your local animal shelter most likely has felines in desperate need of a home and we all know cats are man’s best friend. Automatically born litter trained and with a lightweight food bill, cats bring joy to even the grumpiest of people.

5. The Gift of Sanity

K. Kris Loomis 📚 books are a meaningful and affordable gift idea for that super busy person in your life who needs to slow down. How to Sneak More Yoga into Your Life and How to Sneak More Meditation into Your Life are filled with fast and easy tips that can be done anywhere in ebook format or a travel size book.

6. Coffee

Trendy, tasty and fashionable — coffee is my personal favorite gift idea. For under $25 you can gift your favorite coffee lover a new coffee pot and coffee. Don’t waste your cash on a Starbucks gift card when you can spend the same amount of money on the luxury of a bottomless pot right at home.

7. Pencils and a Blank Journal

Because everyone should write it down. Write. It. Down. By choosing blank paper over lined your gift recipient can also draw doodles, sketch or glue keepsakes and photos to pages.

8. Duct Tape

It may seem tacky but Duct Tape is the ultimate, must have practical gift idea. Not only will it fix everything when your gift recipient is in a bind but he/she can also make dope AF handbags and accessories with fashion Duct Tape if you’re willing to spend the extra cash.

9. Anker Power Block

This is a dream come true for that someone you know who is always on the go. The power block is a wall charger with two USB ports and a portable charger. It’s lightweight, pocket size and enough power to keep your gift recipient's devices up and running while away from home all day.

10. DOFLY Universal Professional HD Camera Lens Kit

This is a gift for everyone you know from the friend who dabbles in photography to your teenage son who on average takes 87 selfies in the bathroom every day. For $19.99 via Amazon, this lens kit turns your cellphone camera into a semi-pro photographer. Includes a pocket size carry case.

11. The Gift of Cooking

The We Talk Healthy series of Kindle Edition Cookbooks written by, Nicole Akers is complete with healthy recipes that are practical and taste damn good. For under $25 your gift recipient can have all five books right at his/ her fingertips, or if they’re never home for lunch but always home for dinner you can purchase specific titles for $4.95.

12. Art

Everyone loves art. It’s bright, happy and healing. The gift of art is a great gift idea for just about any personality type of any age. There’s a wide variety of art to choose from or you can gift something more specific like a crafty gift package or collectibles. There’s free shipping within the U.S. and all items are 20% off during Cyber Week.

13. The G4free Large, Lightweight, Water Resistant Travel Backpack

This practical (and stylish) backpack is the gift of comfort (and convenience). This backpack expands and grows, and has plenty of pocket space. I use it as my every day carry all and for traveling.

Four sets of clothes, a hoodie, a pair of Converse, a book, art supplies and all of my electronic devices are my max and it fits in the G4free with a bit more room to grow. The price is $18.99 and comes in an array of colors to choose from.

14. Local Newspaper Subscription- Sunday Only

The Sunday Edition isn’t just news. It’s stuffed with community, history and education. Your gift receipt will learn cool stuff from a wide variety of topics. Most importantly he/ she may become more connected to their community and home.

Prices vary based on local area. For instance, New York City is $188.76 for an annual Sunday subscription whereas the middle of nowhere where I live is only $39 for the year.

15. Family Fun Basket

For the cost of roughly $20 you can gift your favorite family quality time together with a bag filled with fun. Include a deck of cards, a board game, puzzle, face paint and a Post-It note pad. Your gift recipients will be putting down their cellphones, closing their laptops and setting down their tablets for this good time together.

Behavioral Science ed/ reporter in Eastern Iowa. Informed and opinionated. My hobbies include petting cats, research and farming.

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