There are quite a few valuable insights in this. First, it’s amazing how much life, childhood and the world in general have changed. I experience similar things with my children. When I was their age we had no TV because we were poor. They each have a TV in their rooms. Have I spoiled them or have times changed and it’s the standard norm now? What was once one Television in the living room has evolved into several throughout the house.

What a great concept that the train provides you with freedom driving does not. I think it’s relatively common for people to believe the opposite. They feel less free because they can’t just get to where they want to go whenever they want to go there. It makes me wish we had public transit in Small Town, Iowa but it’s so not needed as the town is roughly 3 miles wide and that includes surrounding farms. I can and do most certainly walk everywhere. We all do unless we go to the city.

I also believe our children evoke feelings within ourselves per our experiences. I know over the course of my two decades of parenting when I hear my kids share a screwball idea with me I think, dear lord don’t do that and I think it only because I have lived through the outcome which is what left me to believe It’s a screwball idea.

As always, thanks for the insight, fresh perspective and thoughts for the future.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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